MEP Equalizer Sealed Engine Package Rev Limit Increase in 2011
McGunegill Continues to Raise the Bar in Super Late Model Engine Performance
McGunegill Engine Performance, the leader in sealed engine technology, revolutionized Super Late Model racing with the development of their Equalizer Sealed Engine package 6 years ago.  When the need was realized for a cost effective (while still competitive) engine option, Dewaine McGunegill spent countless hours designing a program that would satisfy racers competitive nature, and fit into the shrinking budgets.  The development of the sealed engine program was headed by MEP as well as a handful of industry leaders, and came together as S.E.A.L (Sealed Engine Alliance Leaders).

The MEP Equalizer Sealed Engine (which comes in Ford and Chevy nameplates) has won nearly every Super Late Model race there is to win in the past five years, and has claimed series and track championships around the country.  MEP has stood by the Equalizer Sealed Engine package and it has remained virtually unchanged since its development, which is the foundation of the S.E.A.L. concept.  However, with constant exchange of ideas between Dewaine and racers using the Equalizer Sealed Engine there was an interest in slightly tweaking the package.

With months of dyno and on track testing, the directors of S.E.A.L. and MEP have made the decision to increase the mandated rev limit of the Equalizer Sealed Engine as a test in 2011 from 7200 to 7400.

“This is not a development to increase the performance levels of the engine itself, but to provide our customers another tool to adjust the drivability of their cars at a wide range of race tracks” Dewaine stated.  “We have a proven engine package and we have no intention of changing it, but similar to our system of spacer plate restrictors this rev limit increase will allow teams to fine-tune their cars for certain tracks and situations.”

With an increased rev limit, racers utilizing the Equalizer Sealed Engine package will have more options with their gear selection. While the mandated 7400 limit will allow for fine tuning at some tracks, the 7200 limit may still be better suited for others.  MEP has also been working closely with Schoenfeld Headers designing a complete exhaust system with interchangeable components that can also fine tune the performance output.

For more information on the MEP Equalizer Sealed Engine package and the recent adjustments feel free to email MEP at or call 765-282-1913.