MEP Taking Crate Engine Success to Dirt Short Track Racing
McGunegill Continues to Raise the Bar in Super Late Model Engine Performance
McGunegill Engine Performance has been the leader in crate and sealed engine racing in the asphalt ranks for over 6 years. Dirt short track racing has recently made the transition allowing crate and sealed engine packages to help control the costs of traditional engines. While MEP has been building dirt engines for a decade, they now have the opportunity to take their success with crate engines to the ranks of series such as NeSmith, the Georgia based crate late model dirt series. The GM604 and GM602 crate engines have shown that they are capable of competing with the traditional engines and MEP has already powered front running dirt late models and modifieds around the country.

The NeSmith Racing Series, one of the leaders in dirt crate racing, has approved MEP as a certified re-builder of crate engines with Hayden Campbell being powered by MEP towards the end of the 2010 season. For dirt teams who are looking for an engine builder with a winning record check out to see why MEP has been on top of the crate and sealed engine world longer than anyone.

For more information on the MEP email MEP at or call 765-282-1913.